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Forensic Psychophysiology Using the Polygraph -
Scientific Truth Verification - Lie Detection
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  •    This hardbound 800-page volume represents the most complete and comprehensive book ever written on forensic psychophysiology using the polygraph. This most authoritative 25-chapter book contains a 23-page Glossary of Terms, 143 Figures, 23 Tables, 17 Appendices, and a 65-page Index.

       Forensic Psychophysiology Using The Polygraph is the long awaited bible of scientific truth verification and lie detection. Attorneys, judges, police personnel, probation and parole officers, forensic psychophysiologists, defendants, litigants, and others involved in the criminal justice system, plus psychologists, researchers, historians, business persons, employers and employees, and various educational institutions, each for their own reasons will find this book singularly comprehensive, authoritative and helpful in understanding and/or utilizing the various polygraph techniques and instruments described therein. At the present time there is no comparable text. In his Foreword to this book, Cleve Backster, a world renowned authority on forensic psychophysiology, stated that this book will be the enduring source within the polygraph profession for many years.

       This CD-ROM version (ISBN: 09655789417) of the 800-page book "Forensic Psychophysiology Using The Polygraph" works with all platforms (PC, MAC and UNIX) and with most operating systems (Windows 3.x, 95, 98, 00, ME, NT, XP, OS/2, System 7, System 8, and UNIX). This CD-ROM includes a full text search and retrieval product and hyperlink images, plus many colored illustrations and a video introduction by the author.