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Video of Polygraph Test on Khalil Islam in Malcolm X Case

On the 4th of March 1983, James Allan Matte administered a polygraph examination using the Matte Quadri-Track Zone Comparison Technique on Kahlil Islam, nee: Thomas Johnson, convicted and incarcerated at Dannemore State Prison in Upstate New York for the fatal shooting of civil rights leader Malcom X in 1965.

The polygraph test was conducted for Columbia Pictures TV Show "Lie Detector" hosted by F. Lee Bailey, Attorney at Law, and Ed Gelb, Past President of the APA. The results indicated Khalil Islam was truthful when he denied shooting Malcolm X. The polygraph charts were sent to Ed Gelb for his reviews and analysis, and he agreed with Matte's findings and the TV program was widely shown throughout the United States and Canada. It was recently reported in the news media that on 18 November 2021, after a twenty-two months investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney and the Innocence Project into the conviction of Khalil Islam and Muhammad Aziz, it was discovered that crucial exculpatory evidence that would likely have exonerated them was withheld from the defense. This evidence was presented by the DA and Project Innocence in a joint motion to the New York State Supreme Court which on 18 November 2021 vacated the wrongful conviction of Islam and Aziz, fully exonerating them. Khalil Islam died in August 2009. Muhammad Aziz is now free. F. Lee Baily and Ed Gelb both died in 2021.

Unfortunately, after a thorough search of the internet and attempts to locate the original episode of "Lie Detection" made in March 1983 failed, it appears that the only copy to exist is in the files of James Matte. This video recording is deemed to be of educational value to the polygraph community, the criminal justice system, and of historical value to the public and those in some way related to this historical event. Hence the video of this historical polygraph examination is posted on this website.